Technological line for inspection of artillery rockets 122 mm JROF RM70 is designed for repair, modernization and inspection in order to extend the live.

Basic Info Technical Data
Caliber 122 mm
Lenght of missile with fuze 2867.31–2882.60 mm
Weight of missile with fuze 66.6-66.75 kg
Max. range 20.4 km
Min. range 3 km
Type of the warhead High Explosive (HE) Warhead
Fuse MRV-U Impact fuse (with immediate, short and long delay)
Rocket motor Double-based solid propellant
Weight 48.2 kg
Weight of the propellant 20.5 kg
Color Silver
Limits of temperature
Storage -40 ℃ / + 60 ℃
Fire -32° C / +50° C
Packing One rocket and one fuze in each box

Engine Modernization and Warhead Modernization

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Comprehensive solution for ACC, APP and TWR training

Technical Data

Variable use for ACC (including multisector), APP or TWR including ground movements.
Simulations include flight plan, aircraft technical parameters and meteorological data.
The simulator also features recording of the exercise, evaluation and replay.
Perfect for all kinds of training: ab initio, follow-up, advanced radar, retaining programs, examination practice.
The simulator can perform exercises with various levels of difficulty and number of generated aircrafts.
ATC Simulator provides information of both static character (AIP, maps, ICAO doc., RTF bank, locations, etc.), dynamic character (weather, NOTAMs, meteorological news, restricted airspace, etc.).
Simulator solution can be installed on different HW using different SW configurations according to user’s needs.
ATC simulator also supports the following advanced training features: SYSCO, Datalink (CPDLC), MONA, ground movement control, equipped with interface to VCS.
Exercise preparation HMI also enables import of real traffic data (FPL) and its modification for the purpose of simulation, pre-simulation of the preparing exercise with function of modification data during the pre-simulation to achieve very precise exercise scenario.
The simulator consists of: ATSE, FDPS, Recording & Replay, SafetyNets and several kinds of HMI – CWS (student), PseudoPilot, Instructor, Supervisor and also exercise and dataset preparation HMI (CORTES).
ATC simulator is equipped with the interface to VCS.

Training variability

The simulator can perform exercise with different number of generated aircrafts and different level of difficulty; starting from the easiest, over to more complicated, up to critical situation management.

Setting of various ATCO training area

The simulator enables setting of whatever airport or air traffic area if airport plans or area data/maps are imported. Introducing students to the 4D image.

Wide range of exercise settings

Number of parameters of aircraft; flight plans; actual flight routes; landing and take-off behaviour; selected weather situations & simulations.

Record and replay

The simulator also features recording of the exercise. The evaluation and replay could be performed when the current exercise is paused or from the archive.

Highly modifiable CWS

Thanks to wide configurability, the HMI can be easily customized and adapted faithfully to a lifelike ATC environment. Electronic strips display.

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